"Why don't you try writing a book?"  The oft' asked question hit the air again.

"Who would read it if I did?"  I asked my innocent looking husband.  He'd learned my secret many years ago, and sporadically 'poked' at my lack of self belief.

"You won't know until you try!"  He dropped his bait into the air between us, and for some reason, a few years ago now, I decided to bite.

And am I glad I did?

 Not only do I enjoy meeting the characters who demand their stories are told, I have also met and made many wonderful friends, both on line and elsewhere,  in the process.

 ~ ~ ~  

One day my work-in-progress stalled over a stubborn scene that refused to come right, so in frustration I tried turning it into a stand alone short story in an attempt to find the flaws. 

That scene eventually honed down satisfactoraly, but left me with an insatiable desire to venture into the world of short story writing. 

How could I know, at the time, that the truculant scene  would send me off on a new and exciting writing path?

I wrote my first stand-alone short story in July 2009 which, with several others, is now published in LASR


More recently I have discovered the challenging world of reviewing.    

For as long as I can remember I've read romances, and am proud to be part of the 48% of readers who enjoy romances. 

My first attempt at writing one, was confiscated by my teacher when they realised I was ignoring my homework for my 'great masterpiece'!  Sadly I never saw it again!  And so my teacher saved the great reading population from what was surely a great master-disaster.

Now I'm back... and delighted with the growing success of my short stories, and jubilant about the release of my debut novel The Brat in October 2010 with The Wild Rose Press.

 2011 opens with the release of my sixth short story, Hogmanay, at LASR, and the release, on February 11th, of my second novel, Duty Calls. Also my fist venture into a 'longer-short-story of approximately 12k words, The Wrong Target, which is part of the 'Cupid Goes Wild' anthologly, released by eTreasures comes out in early February.

Sherry Gloag writes stories that go right to 'The Heart of Romance'.