28th Dec '09
received the cover picture for my new book.
I can't begin to explain how I'm feeling right now!!

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 The Brat

 (Release date 1st Oct '10)

                                          ~ ~ ~
  When her childhood persecutor, Anna Kouvaris, is buried, Gina Williams, famous children’s author, prays her dark secrets are buried with her. Then someone starts digging into her past and she determines to discover whether it is Ben Kouvaris, the son of her tormentor, or some more sinister ghost from her past.
Ben Kouvaris can’t deny his instant attraction to the beautiful woman at his estranged mother’s graveside, so when his father orders him to find a bride immediately, his thoughts turn to her.  When he can’t find her he starts digging for information, but sometimes it is better to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.

Will the truth that influenced both their lives for twenty-five years, now tear them apart?

                                  Today -9th Mar '10- 
           I received 'the final reader's' comment on The Brat.

"First off, thanks for taking me to Greece and England especially as I watch the snow melting outside my window.

  The novel was fast paced, the POV hopped but with reason behind it.  The past horrors really added an extra incentive behind this story, the pain, the betrayal all lead to a beautiful awakening and understanding. Ben is a strong alpha male with a tender heart, it was beautiful to see him transform from tycoon to lover on the pages. Gina is a strong woman, who defines who and what she is.  The chemistry between the two is effortless and their love is boundless.  Great story, a wonderful well rounded journey."

~ ~ ~

“I need a wife.”

“Excuse me! Did you say you need a wife? What are you talking about?” A chill slid up her arms at the brisk tone of his voice.
He stood looking down at her. Silent, somber,
“I’ll agree to whatever settlement you ask for
when we separate,” he said.
“If you can do that you must be a very rich
man,” she responded, without thinking.
“I am. I need a wife. One who will walk away at the end of the twelve months, without recriminations. You’ll become a very wealthy woman.”


Precious Treasures is a short story about love triumphing over a mother's ruinous obsession and how a parted family get a second chance at love. 
                                                                    ~ ~ ~


Reflected Destiny  When you look in a mirror, you don't expect to see a stranger's face looking back at you!
This was my first attempt at short story writing, I'm delighted it 'made the cut' and met the editor's approval!
                                                     ~ ~ ~


My Name's Jane  is loosely based on a recent experience. 
Way too scary! 
Find out what happens when a stranger helps you regain control of your runaway car?
                                                    ~ ~ ~

Thanks Given is a tongue in cheek short story loosley based around Thanksgiving.
Luke was tricked into marrying the wrong twin, and two years after her death in a road crash he invites the 'right' twin to visit over Thanksgiving.  Will Luke's hopes and dream come true? 
                                    ~ ~ ~