I'd like to share a few links with you, of sites I enjoy.  Some are informational, others are of writers I admire, and others are... well, they just are!!


LASR -The Long and The Short of It Reviews long and short romances, publishes a weekly short story spot every Thursday, and offers author interviews for you to read, too.

Sandy James    A wonderful author, who's books are full of action, drama, humour and compassion.  Her site is a fund of insight and information.

Absolute Write Water Cooler  A writers forum: Active message board for writers, where you'll find 'writers wanted' ads, bewares, and general discussion about all aspects of the craft and much more.  This site is a fund of useful information for all writers.  It is also a site where you meets and make friends with other of shared interests.

Hopeful Romantic  I came across this site after visitng Chritina's site and like what I've seen so far.

Yola.com  This is a wonderful free web building site, that is matched by the quick and enthusiastic support from their staff whenever problems arise, whether they be yours, or theirs.

Kristy Brock  Visit Kristy Brock and meet her Divine Ones.  Her enterprising writing style and enthusiatic imaginations carries her readers into realm that seemlessly merge reality, fantasty and paranormal together that keeps her readers hooked to the last word on the final page of her story.  She is a rising star in the making and an author well worth watching out for.

IWW Blog  Is a site written by writers and contains many informational gems for other writers, and shares the joys and triumphs of many of IWW members.

Linda LaRoque Not only is Linda an author who intrigues her readers with her wonderful stories, you will find many helpful hints and pages of how to improve your writing.

The Internet Writing Workshop  (Information taken from the site)  Is a community where writers can submit and critique written works and A forum to discuss and get help on all aspects of writing. = This is a wonderful site for aspiring and published authors who are looking for constructive help and criticism on their writing.

National Novel Writing Month Better known to those who accept the challenge as NaNoWriMo.  Hundreds of thousands of writers take up the challenge of writing 50k words and more during the thirty days of November.  Many participants have gone on to find publishers and have reason thank the organisors of NaNo for their lauch into successful carrers.

Kate Walker  Has been writing romances for more than twenty years and her site is a fund of information.  She is well placed to write an informative guide to the art of writing romance and her Twelve Point Guide to Writing Romance is a must for all aspiring romance writers, and is read by many with several published books under their belts/pens..  

Mills and Boon  Is the British arm of Harlequin

Harlequin  Is the home of American Romance of many genres, and one of the few pubishers who are still accepting un-agented authors.

The Wild Rose Press  Is an industrious publisher that offers many sub-genres to its readers and authors alike.  TWRP offers options to writers who prefer to keep their stories below the standard 50k word starting line.

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Below are some interesting non writing related links...

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