WIP and those out house-hunting


Short Stories 
Out Househunting

On Top of the World Is it possible that Richard, Lynn's late husband has returned to give his approval for her new love?

* * *

Persuasion  Will Beth agree to Lord Haversham's demand that she marry his friend?

* * *

Wolfman is out house hunting.
When Jenny decides on an impulsive visit to the zoo, she doesn't expect to come face to face with her missing husband.

* * *

Hogmany   Will this find a home before 2011?

Good luck is ensured for the rest of the year when a dark haired First Footer enters your home.  But Victoria wants more, much more when she meets Lucas.

* * *


 Short Novella

Deb's Story [A working Title]

Country loving widow, Deborah Stavely is not interested in the ‘Ton’ or balls and Almacks, and she doesn’t want to leave her late husbands Estate venerable to the threats of her next door neighbours, the Graingers, but she agrees to her brother, Lord Worth’s, entreaty for her to chaperone her sister Clara on her Come Out this coming season.
Twenty-four hours later her life is turned upside down when her tenant’s lives and livelihoods are threatened when she receives an ultimatum.
Marry Ned Grainger, or lose everything.
Julian Farnsworth heard the words leave his mouth in utter disbelief.  Had he truly offered to marry his best friend, Lord Worth’s, sister to save her life and those of her estate workers?
Injured out of Wellington’s army, Julian loves his freedom. What on earth would he do with an unwanted wife?
Not fall in love with her, surely?

Deborah adored her late husband, Harold, and revelled in working beside him during their short marriage, helping with every factor of his Estate duties.  Her only sadness during their marriage was the non-appearance of any children.

So why would she give her heart to another man?  Especially one she hardly knew.  And how would she cope with the restrictions of being a ‘token wife’ and not a friend and partner of her new spouse?
Would their sacrifice be in vain, or would they find love where the least expected to find it?

Undergoing a re-write

NaNo 2009

Project One - A romantic suspence. 
When Sharon realises the man of her dreams is nothing more than a fantasy, she finds herself fighting to prove her innocence at the same time as she fights her heart against the new man on her block.

Project Five   I'm Sorry --
A complete short story, available in The Heart of Romance 'Free Reads' under the 'November' slot.  I do hope you enjoy it.

Project Seven Hogmanay --
A complete Short Story  -- Victoria did not expect to spend her Hogmany with her brother's boss. 

This story is now out house-hunting


* * *

Projects Two & Six  Temporarily abandoned.

Project Four  A longer, and different story themed round Hogmanay, temporarily on hold.



Full Length Novells

 Duty Calls
(1st Aug '10 ~
DC -- rejected)

What happened on the night Trudi Delaney escaped from her abusive husband, and who is the dark shadowy figure that stalks her nightly dreams?  Will Trudi ever remember what happened that fateful night?  And yet - a  night she will never forget each time she looks at her beautiful daughter.

When Rafe Hawk agrees to design an extension for his friend's sister's shelter for retired service personel he has no idea that he is about to discover the consequences of the one night that haunts his memories.