Writing can, and often is, a lonely process. 

But the rewards when you receive an acceptance far outshines those bitter moments of rejection.  Your work in progress becomes your 'baby' you watch it grow, and when it’s ready to walk, you send it out on a house-hunting expedition.  Your baby is ready to face the world and every one will welcome it with open and loving arms!  Won't they?

Well. No, actually.  More often than not, they'll not take to your little darling at all, and if they do, they insist you dress it in different clothes!  There's no denying, that when your 'baby' is rejected, it hurts.  But it is also the next step up in your path to success.  It's how you handle the rejection that determines how high that step is.

Reviewing strectches your mind and invites you into many realms you may not otherwise  wander, and through their writing you meet some wonderful new friends.  I've found reviewing stretches my mind and taxes my word power.  

Reviews for enjoyable reads are easier to write - but not that easy, surprisingly -  But you still have to be fair about the ones you don't really enjoy.  It stretches you to look for the good and positive in the book so you can balance any negative observations.  Bad writing can teach almost as much about writing as excellent examples can.